Streaming Offers Cheaper Alternative to Cable TV


Cable TV and satellite TV costs have drastically risen over the past few years that has compelled users to think of cheaper alternative options so they can enjoy watching TV without the need for a cable. If you are on a limited budget and still want to enjoy watching your favorite shows, then worry no more. You can still enjoy watching TV without paying hefty cable TV bills that exceed your budget. Though you might find some cable TV providers quite impressive like Spectrum TV or DIRECTV services, for instance, most of the time we see providers hiking the cable TV bills now and then. We have gathered here an effective list of the best cable TV alternatives that can help you access high-quality entertainment at cost-effective pricing.


Hulu is an impressive option to access high-quality entertainment. With its basic plan starting from as low as around $5.99 per month, you have unlimited options to stream. Even the high priced plans can still let you save a good amount of money as compared to the cable TV services. Moreover, you also get a choice to pick among Amazon Fire TV Stick, Ruko, Chromecast, Apple TV, or even more.

Sling TV

Sling TV is also another one of the cable TV alternatives that has many ala carte TV plans available for you to select the one that suits your taste. You can pick among the Blue Plan or Orange Plan. The Orange plan has a lesser number of channels but it is well suited for sports lovers. Thus it offers an easy way to enjoy sports without a cable TV subscription.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has a lot of services to offer to you in addition to its e-commerce store. In case you have an Amazon Prime Membership, you can get Amazon Prime Video to access a wide range of films and TV shows. You can enjoy watching thousands of channels and videos without any additional cost. Amazon Prime Video can also be streamed on devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku.


Netflix is yet another attractive option for binge-watching all your favorite seasons. The originals by Netflix are simply a treat to watch since they are power-packed with all the excitement, thrill, and adventure that you can ask for. Also, you get to avoid any annoying commercials interrupting your most-anticipated TV shows. With a user-friendly interface, Netflix has multiple promising plans lined up for you. It also offers you a Netflix Party option that allows you to watch your favorite shows with your friends and family.

YouTube Live

With YouTube TV, you can stream up to 70 channels be it local broadcast or news channels including Fox News, CNN, CBS Sports, ESPN, and others. It also offers multiple sports channels.

Things to Consider When Opting for TV Streaming Options

Here is a quick list of things to consider when streaming a Live TV option:

  • Does that service provide all your most desired channels?
  • Is the cloud DVR that it offers good enough?
  • Does it come with a user-friendly interface?
  • Does it offer multiple streams simultaneously?
  • Is your current internet connection speed adequate to support the streaming service you are planning to subscribe to?

Indoor and Outdoor Antenna

If you have a TV set and are not willing to invest in any of the streaming services then there is yet another cheaper alternative to bypass a cable TV subscription. You can buy an effective and affordable indoor antenna and attach it to your TV set or an outdoor antenna to be placed at a nice spot on your roof. This will let you enjoy TV channels over the air for free.

Final Thoughts

Opting for the aforementioned live streaming services can be a perfect alternative to avoid expensive cable TV bills and yet to be able to enjoy high-quality TV entertainment. Streaming undoubtedly seems the future of TV entertainment for the greater margin of money-saving, content variety and availability, flexibility, and convenience it offers to the users as compared to cable TV. Moreover, you can also buy any of the affordable indoor or outdoor antenna available in the market to enjoy free access to TV channels over the air.

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