Apple, Google Will Make it Easier to Opt in to Mobile Protection Software

Mobile Protection Software

Mobile Protection Software

Apple and Google are in the process of merging to make it more convenient for people to opt into virus tracing.

Apple and Google are in the process of merging to make it more convenient for people to opt in to virus tracing. According to reports, the two companies have been talking for quite some time about how they would integrate their technology into each other’s operating systems, but they are only now announcing a merger. However, several government agencies might soon begin sending residents an email asking them to activate virus tracing on their mobile devices.

According to the report from the Wall Street Journal, the new software called VirusTrace will allow users to receive alerts on devices in their path that might be infected with viruses, spyware or malware. The alert will be sent to the phone owner’s cell phone in question, and it will inform them of the virus infection that their phone is carrying. Once a user clicks on the “Notify Me” button, the phone owner will receive an email alert that details the virus infection and offers advice on how to prevent the infection.

Google and Apple are in a fierce competition for the market of mobile devices, as Android and iPhones are the most widely used phones available in the U.S. Apple also has a very strong lead over competitors in the mobile browser market, thanks to Safari, which remains one of the most popular browsers on mobile devices around the globe. This means that Apple is well positioned to take over the market of phones running Google Android, and that means more revenue for both the two companies.

Although it is not yet clear which way Google and Apple will go when it comes to integrating their virus tracing features into their devices, many experts say that Google will probably take the lead. A spokesperson for the search giant confirmed to CNET that the company is “looking into ways to improve mobile security for our customers”. Apple, on the other hand, is said to be more likely to focus on providing its users with notification about the security threat on their phone. and to offer advice on how they can protect themselves.

However, it appears that neither company has any plans to completely replace the role of mobile devices that they currently play in the mobile device protection. Instead, both companies plan to work with mobile security providers to make sure that mobile users stay up-to-date with the latest security threats and stay protected by installing antivirus programs that are compatible with their mobile devices. Google and Apple are both said to have a team of researchers that will work on the research projects in order to improve the security of their products so that they are as compatible as possible with other applications and devices.

Apple is expected to provide more information on its plans for integrating its virus tracing feature on mobile devices on its website sometime in the future. However, the details about whether the company will also offer the option to disable this feature for specific devices, or if it will simply include the option on all of the devices that it sells, is not yet clear. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is also planning to expand the ability to get alerts on mobile devices via text message or email.

Even though there is no certainty at the moment, Google and Apple will most likely continue to offer users the ability to track their mobile devices using this new feature for free. However, mobile security experts say that users can expect to pay for this service later on. It is also not known when users will need to pay for this service. For instance, Apple can allow mobile users to sign up for a service that automatically sends them alerts when they come into contact with a particular virus on their mobile devices.

Although it remains to be seen how mobile devices will be integrated with security software, Google and Apple seem to be moving closer towards becoming one of the leading providers of mobile security for users. Both companies are making efforts to offer their users with the latest anti-virus applications and devices that run on top of their operating systems. Google and Apple will also continue to make it easier for users to sign up for their free security updates. Google and Apple will also continue to make it easier for users to opt in to receive alerts whenever mobile security news, as well.


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